Get to Know 

Steve Scheller has been growing King Berry Farm since 1983.  It began with a small patch of red and purple raspberries sold at a roadside picnic table. Having gained much experience as a former employee of Turner's Farm Market, Steve set off to grow his own business. As more customers came, requests for a variety of produce such as corn, tomatoes, and melons were sold from a simplistic rugged shack in years to come. 


Steve &Patti Scheller

Dorothy Scheller

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Personal History 


Steve purchased land from his parents , Henry and Dorothy Scheller,to develop King Berry Farm even more. Dorothy established the flower business, and Henry was Mr. Fix-it.  There  were endless projects on the farm. In 1996, Steve and Patti were married, and over the next 20 years, the Farm Market has expanded to include a gift shop, additional greenhouses and extensive raspberry patch. Steve's mom still works in the greenhouse each spring  transplanting and creating our spectacular baskets and potted planters for sale in the Greenhouse. The Raspberry Connection opened in 2010. Steve and Patti felt we wanted to express our faith in what we do daily and offer the community to share that faith as well. We have expanded to feature Christian gifts, jams, wall art, home decor books, and greeting cards, fudge, candles, and patio serving dishes. It is now 2019 and are anxious to see what another season brings.