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Getting to Know Us


Year 2023 celebrates  King Berry Farm 40 th year .

We anticipate many good things to come. We are introducing our future owners of King Berry Farm,

Dan and Rebecca Kolonick. 

We have known Becca since she was six years old, served on a worship team with her for many years, attended their wedding.  Becca worked here summers through high school and college.  As we began thinking about retirement, Dan and Becca approached us about purchasing King Berry to pursue their future as farming this property.They both chose to become employees and have been working side-by-side with Steve and I for the last several years.  They are learning all the intricacies  of planting and harvesting.  It is their intention to become owners for the 2024 season. Steve will continue to work with them for the next several years as consultant and employee. Patti will be available to assist as needed. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren have become a big part of our week. 

King Berry Farm will continue to serve the community.  You can expect excellent service, excellent produce, products, and plants, and maybe a few surprises along the way.  Dan and Becca will dedicate themselves to customer service, growing knowledge and best practices to maintain a health lifestyle and production of land and seek new developments of farming to enhance the business outcomes. 

We look forward to the season and sharing with you our year of transition. 

 Steve and Patti Scheller 

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